Calculators Controlled Traffic Calculator

How to use this calculator

For detailed instructions on how to used this calculator please refer to the Controlled Traffic Calculator Fact Sheet.

  1. Estimate the expected changes from Controlled Traffic Farming.
  2. Yield improvements.
  3. Change in expenses.
  4. Press Calculate Controlled Traffic.

Cereal Margin without controlled traffic


Price ($/t net on farm) $/ha

Variable Costs

Seed kg/ha
Fertiliser $/ha
Chemical $/ha
Repairs $/ha
Crop Insurance $/ha
Fuel $/ha

Whole Farm Detail

Cereal Area Cropped ha
Machinery Depreciation Rate p.a.
Cost of Funds p.a.
Current Cropping Machinery Value $  
Cost to Convert to CTF $

Expected Changes from CTF


Yield (1%-15%) %


Reduced Overlap %
Fuel Efficieny Improvements %

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