Calculators Gravel and Bulk Density Calculator

How to use this calculator

  1. Enter your 0-10cm Bulk Density (g/cm3) and Gravel (%) in the blank spaces in the grey box.
  2. Enter your soil analysis results for each soil quality indicator in the corresponding blank spaces below.
  3. Click on “Display Adjusted Values” to calculate analysis weights on a per hectare basis (kg/ha or t/ha).


Gravel Content %
Bulk Density (BD) g/cm3


Analysis Results Gravel Adjusted BD Adjusted
Total Organic Carbon %
Labile Carbon mg/kg
Microbial Biomass Carbon mg/kg
Soil Nitrogen Supply mg/kg
Microbial Activity mg-CO2/kg soil/day


Mineral N mg/kg
Phosphorus mg/kg
Potassium mg/kg
Sulphur mg/kg


Water Holding Capacity %

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