What can I do on Soil Quality
  • Examine soil properties through Australia's agricultural regions.
  • Compare your soil test results with your neighbours.
  • Investigate soil quality indicator relationships.
  • Discover the importance of Soil Biology.
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The green manure calculator provides a comparison of relative benefits between a green manure phase and a grain crop within a defined rotational sequence. Results provide an indication of economic costs and benefits based on variable inputs.

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Labile Carbon

Although significant amounts of organic carbon are present in soils, some of this is relatively inert. Soil organic matter is made up of different pools which vary in their turnover time or rate of decomposition. The labile pool which turns over relatively rapidly (< 5 years), results from the addition of fresh residues such as plant roots and living organisms, whilst resistant residues which are physically or chemically protected are slower to turn over (20 – 40 years). The protected humus and charcoal components make up the stable soil organic matter pool which can take hundreds to thousands of years to turnover

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Compare Your Data

Sites participating in the Soil Quality program are issued with a "Site Code" This code enables the site owner to compare their site amongst their catchments and regions.