Enter Your Own Data

If you have your own Soil Quality data and would like to compare it with the Soil Quality Database, please click on the button below

Compare Your Data

Sites participating in the Soil Quality program are issued with a "Site Code" This code enables the site owner to compare their site amongst their catchments and regions.

Have you got your own Soil Test data? You can enter it into SoilQuality and compare it against other soil data in your catchment, region, and state.

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How To Compare Your Data

In this section you can compare your soil test results to those soil tests done through the healthy soils projects.

Here are your options:

  • If you have your own soil test results you can compare these to our test results.
  • If you were involved in the project, you can enter your site ID to retrieve your results.
  • You can register with SoilQuality.org.au and save your test results online. You can also claim your sites from the Healthy Soils Projects to provide easy access in the future.