Grape and Wine Murray Darling

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Sample Location

  • Under Vine
  • Mid Row
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Soil Texture

  • Sand
  • Loam
  • Clay

Straddling the Murray River in north-west Victoria and western New South Wales, the Murray Darling is a vast region.

The Murray Darling is the second largest wine region in Australia and has a long history of wine production and grape growing. The first grape vines were planted in the region in 1888, before this the region was a virtual desert before irrigation transformed it in the late 1800s. The region is now known for producing award-winning wines as well as well-priced, easy-to-drink styles. The past two years have seen a large number of smaller wineries emerge and the region now has more than 30 boutique wine producers. Although the Murray Darling is a major source of economically priced wines, several wineries are creating distinct wine styles through the combination of advanced vineyard management and considered oenological approaches to this typically hot climate fruit.

The region faces long, hot sunshine hours with negligible growing season rainfall, making irrigation essential.

The region’s calcareous earth soil is unique to the Murray River.