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  • Examine soil properties through Australia's agricultural regions
  • Compare your soil test results with your neighbours.
  • Investigate soil quality indicator relationships
  • Discover the importance of Soil Biology

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Gravel and Bulk Density

Meaningful use of soil test results relies on an adjustment of values for gravel and bulk density. Adding the gravel content back into soil test results tends to "dilute" results, and adjusting for bulk density allows you to determine nutrient lev...

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Featured Fact Sheet

Nitrogen - Western Australia

Over 98 % of all nitrogen present in the soil is in an organic form (i.e. contains carbon in its molecular structure). Organic nitrogen cannot be taken up by the plant until it is mineralized by microbes into inorganic forms (principally nitrate (NO[~3~]) ...

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Sites participating in the Soil Quality program are issued with a "Site Code" This code enables the site owner to compare their site amongst their catchments and regions.

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